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TR&GC is a non profit organization dedicated to defending and promoting the shooting sports in Tucson and Southern Arizona. We are working to provide Tucson with a full service public shooting range, operated by shooters, for the benefit of shooters. Please join us in our mission to provide for the needs of the Tucson shooting community.

Membership dues are $30 per year.

By joining TR&GC you will be joining a dedicated group of Tucson gun owners committed to making sure that all gun owners will have a place to shoot as Tucson continues to grow. Although we cannot offer a place to shoot as a benefit of membership, your membership dues will help us build a new shooting range that will provide shooting opportunities for Tucson gun owners like you for many years to come.

For your convenience you can pay your membership dues by credit card. Please click on the Pay Now button below to pay your $30 TR&GC membership dues by credit card.

If you prefer to pay your membership dues by check you may send your payment to TR&GC with the coupon below. You can also make a donation by electronic transfer to Tucson Rod and Gun Club, PO Box 12921, Tucson AZ 85732. Thank you

TR&GC membership dues coupon

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Please mail this coupon with your dues to:

Tucson Rod & Gun Club, PO Box 12921, Tucson, AZ 85732

Tucson Rod & Gun Club is a 501(c)(4) tax exempt organization.